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We’re taking central Kentucky to new heights.
We believe in promoting education, safety and fun with drones.

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Aerial Photo & Video

DroneHoners provides aerial photography and videography services to for personal and commercial needs all around central Kentucky. Thanks to drone technology, you no longer need full size helicopters or airplanes to get a birds-eye perspective and DroneHoners uses state-of-the-art HD cameras to give you the best images possible.

We charge flat rates for still photos or high-definition footage and all media is delivered digitally.


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Drone Flight School

Would you like to learn about how to be a safe and effective pilot of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones? Are you interested in aerial photography or videography? Do you want the opportunity and experience of flying a drone before you make a decision to purchase one on your own?

With this one-on-one training you will learn the basics of operating popular quadcopter UAVs and gain a better understanding of the technology utilized by these amazing devices. You will also get an introduction to aerial imaging (photo and video) from the perspective of a professional filmmaker. And the best part? We will end our time together by having you fly a drone on your own!

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Custom Builds

DroneHoners builds multirotors as a complete professional solution to your aerial needs. All our UAVs are test-flown before delivery and personal training sessions are available to teach you how to safely and effectively operate your new UAV. We also offer UAV maintenance for DroneHoner customers.

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About DroneHoners


We believe in promoting education, safety and fun with drones.

Enthusiasts and experienced UAV pilots Ryan Worthen and Justin Nissley established DroneHoners to meet the rising demands of the UAV market in the central Kentucky region.

DroneHoners is an extension of That One Company, Inc.

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